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Free Ebooks

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Here it is! The exciting free cookbook, Cooking by the Book .You can download from here. It has great recipes as well as a little about the authors that contributed to it. It even includes  excerpts from their books.
You will also find Musings: Authors Do It Write!  consists of a collection of writings from twelve contributing authors of the CB Writers Group. Authors are often asked: What makes you write? Did you always know you wanted to write? Where do you get your story ideas? How do you come up with your characters? – on and on and on. To many people, authors aren't of the same breed as the normal species of the human race. However, we are very much human. We go about our daily lives nurturing to our family's needs, going to our jobs and dealing with the stresses that life throws our way. We twelve authors have come together in this book to shed some light on the "author species of the human race". Each writer has his or her own "writer's muse" - or `voice'; although as you will see, each muse is unique for each author. We hope that you enjoy reading our articles, our biographies – and excerpts from some of our works.

To download either book, right click on it's cover and choose "Save target as". Put it where you choose on your    computer
To read this book in PDF you must have Adobe Reader.You can download the reader  free at

These free books are a gift from Kathleen Walls.
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